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Thursday, 18 August 2011 17:13


The aim of the scheme is to work with children 0-6 years with developmental disabilities, to make them ready for mainstream and special schools. This is an early intervention programme. The objectives of this scheme are:

Activities under the scheme

• Awareness generation amongst parents of persons with disabilities, its family members and related Govt. Officials / Teachers.
• Assessment and evaluation of children with disabilities.
• Motivation and counselling to parents and families.
• Training for daily living activities.
• Pre school skills – (pre-reading, pre-maths etc.)
• Therapeutic services which includes physiotherapy / occupational therapy / speech / psychotherapy and psychiatric intervention.
• Audio logical assessment and suitable referral.
• Music drama / play therapy / pre-vocational training.
• Facilitation in getting admission into special school and inclusive school.
• Respite care services (for parents).
• Social and family integration.

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