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Tuesday, 06 September 2011 11:52

Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped (AYJNIHH) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, New Delhi It was formally inaugurated on on Tuesday, 9th August 1983. The Institute is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400 050. The prime objectives of the institution include the followings:

  • Develop Manpower: To deal with the various aspects of rehabilitation of the Hearing Handicapped. Seven different undergraduate and post graduate courses are being offered. The Institute is rated excellent by the RCI.

  • Research : Research in the areas of identification, intervention, Educational approaches, remedial teaching methods, jobs for the hearing handicapped and technology development have been carried out.

  • Educational Programmes: By studying the existing school for the deaf, curriculum followed, methods of teaching etc. and supplementing or strengthening them by way of improving existing educational facilities and developing new strategies wherever required. Newer measures such as open school for the illiterate/ drop out is being conducted as model activity.

  • Service Facilities: Strategies for early identification and intervention, home bound training, correspondence training and also tele-rehabilitation services are bring rendered and evolved with emerging needs

  • Material Development: Required for (a) education, like Teaching aids, Audio-visuals etc. (b)Public awareness and community education about impact of deafness and rehabilitative procedures. Films and audio visuals on Vocational Training and job placement etc.

  • Community Programme: Creation of public awareness, literacy programme for adult deaf, Parent Counselling and Programme for strengthening the voluntary and NGO's.

  • Information and Documentation: Documenting and disseminating the latest information and developments in the Science of hearing, speech and related technology is being done. More details about the institution can be accessed from
Title Format Language Target Group Content Cost(Rs)
Facilities and concessions for the Hearing Impaired Book English Hearing Impaired 10
How to take care of mentally retarded children Book English Professionals
Teachers, Parents
Language Profile Test Book Hindi/Marathi
Teachers, Parents
Training Module for Primary Health and Anganwadi Workers Book English For Primary and Anganwadi Health Workers
Parents Guidance Module Book English, Hindi Organizations, Parents, Professionals 10
Mukul Book Bengali Parents of Hearings Impaired Home Training programme of young hearing impaired pre schooler 10
An Institute comes of age Book English Rehabilitation Organization Scheme of collaborative vocational training programme for the hearing impaired 10
More about listening and speaking Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English, Bengali, Khashi, Mizo, Manipuri, Aotribes, Nagamese Allied Professionals Information about speech, hearing and language disorders 10
Know him better Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Allied Professionals / Students How to handle the problems that a hearing impaired child may face in a regular school classroom 10
Someone new in your classroom Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Anganwadi and Primary School Teachers Information to teachers about hearing Impairment, hearing Aid and how to interact with the hearing impaired child in the class room. 25
Your new friend Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Classmates and friends of the hearing handicapped child How to interact successfully with the hearing impaired child in the class 10
Lokgeete Booklet Marathi Community, Rural Workers Folk songs on causes and prevention and rehabilitation of Hearing impaired 10
Early identification of hearing impairment : tips for medical professionals Booklet English Medical Professional Types of hearing loss 20
Steps to prepare a hearing aid harness Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English, Assamese, Bengali,
Khasi, Mizo, Manipuri,
Aotribes, Nagamese
Parents and Teachers of Hearing Impaired Children How to stitch a hearing aid harness for young hearing impaired children 10
How to help your child to learn to talk Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Parents of Children with delayed speech and language. Specific activities and games for encouraging vocalization in hearing Impaired children 20
Learning with others Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Parents of the Hearing Impaired children How to prepare a child for admission to regular school 15
Let us Talk Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Parents of the Hearing Impaired children Parents of the Hearing Impaired Children 10
The first step to the talking world Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Parents of the Hearing Impaired children Specific Activities and games for encouraging vocalisation in Hearing impaired children 10
Hearing Impairment - Early Identification at home Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Parents, Anganwadi/Rural health workers About hearing responses and speech development of the child from birth to two and a half years 10
Prepare your child for a hearing test Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English,
Assamese, Bengali,
Khasi, Mizo, Manipuri,
Aotribes, Nagamese
Parents, whose children are supposed to undergo the hearing test. How to train the child so that it would give reliable responses during hearing evaluation 10
He too can hear Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Rehabilitation Professionals and Parents Guidelines about specific activities to be adopted by parents to encourage hearing impaired child to wear hearing aid 10
Hearing aids Booklet English Speech and Hearing Professional and Teachers of the deaf About hearing aid, it's functioning, classification, evaluation, common faults etc. 3
Look for and observe Booklet Marathi, Hindi, English Teachers, Parents Brief account of typical behavioral signs exhibited by children with mild / moderate Hearing Impairment and indication that help be sought at the earliest 10
Baatcheet Video Film Hindi Allied Professionals/ Students Speech and hearing disorders **
Abhanga Aani Jogwa Video Film Marathi Community Set of 3 folk songs early identification **
Badhhate Kadam
Umediche Rang
Video Film Hindi, Marathi Community Rehabilitation and integration story of a deaf adult **
Ek Khel
Video Film Hindi, Marathi Community Group Screening Test **
Video Film Hindi, Marathi Community Regarding causes, identification, prevention and management of hearing loss **
Surmanthan Video Film Hindi Community and Rural Workers Rehabilitation story of a deaf boy **
Roshni Video Film Hindi Community, Employers, Teachers, Parents,
Para Professionals
Tips to follow while talking to a hearing impaired person for better interaction **
Scratch Test Video Film Marathi Medical officers, Teachers, Parents Screening of each ear **
Ek Anokha Tohfa Video Film Hindi Parents, Community A puppet show highlights identification and intervention **
Film on NIHH Video Film Hindi, English Policy makers, Govt. Officials, Visitors Role of AYJNIHH in Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired **
Early Identification of hearing loss in infant and children in rural areas Video Film Marathi Rural Workers Demo of the hearing screening **
Asha Ki Kiran TV Spot Hindi Community Message Regarding early identification, ear care and the International Symbol **
Enhe Mouka Do TV Spots Hindi, Marathi Community Glimpses of vocationally successful hearing Impaired **
Ramkrishna Ani Madhuri TV Spots Marathi, English Community Importance of early identification **
Bahta Kan ? Sawadhan! Leaflet Hindi, Marathi Community Prevention and management aspects of ear discharge 5
Take care of your ears Leaflet Hindi, Marathi, English,
Assamese, Bengali,
Khasi, Mizo, Manipuri,
Aotribes, Nagamese
Community Tips on how to take care of the ears 10
Viklango ke liye awarod mukta vataran Leaflet Hindi Community Various aspects regarding barrier free environment for the disabled Free
Apka ladla vikland to
naheen ?
Leaflet Hindi Community and Parents Development schedule of the non- handicapped children Free
Hearing Impairement - Causes and Prevention Leaflet Hindi, English Community, Parents, Health, Workers Pre-natal, Peri-natal and Postnatal factors which can cause deafness 5
Ekatmik Shiksha - Ek Chunouti Leaflet Hindi Educators, Social Workers, Community Type of educational avenues open for the handicapped Free
Asha Ki Kiran
(International Sticker)
Stickers English, Hindi, Oriya, Marathi, Bengali, Telugu Community This International symbol indicates "help is available for the hearing impaired" 5
Set of 6 Greetings Greeting Cards English Community Gives messages about various aspects of hearing impairment 10
Hearing Impaired person needs to watch you speak Handout Marathi, Hindi, English Community, Employers, Teachers Tips to follow while talking to a hearing impaired person for better interaction. 5
Set of 6 Posters Posters Hindi, Telegu, Tamil, Bengali, Oriya, Marathi, Gujarathi Community, Parents, Allied professionals Rehabilitation story of a deaf girl 6 per poster
Set of 7 Posters Posters (Colour) Hindi, Marathi Community, Rural Workers, Parents,
School Teachers
Messages about hearing impairment 9 per poster
Lokgeete Audio Cassette Marathi Community, Rural Workers Folk Songs on causes and prevention and rehabilitation of hearing impaired 50
Yes the Deaf Can Video Film English Employees, Vocational, Counselors, Community Emphasises the abilities of the hearing impaired person in work situations **
Guidelines to avail outreach and extension services OES Booklet Hindi, English Govt. and Non. Govt. organization Outreach and Extension services for hearing impaired through AYJNIHH Not priced
NINAD Quarterly Newsletters Hindi, English, Bilingual Organizations, Parents, Professionals Institute's News Letter Free Distribution
Directory of Rehabilitation Resources for the Persons with Hearing Impairment Directory English Professionals, Parents Information about special Schools for the Hearing Impaired in India, PWD act and other Govt. Schemes 250
Indian Manual Alphabet Manual English Rehabilitation, Professionals and Hearing Handicapped Individuals One hand finger spelling system common to Indian Languages 25
Little Raju Vol.1, Vol-2, Vol-3, and Vol.-4 Set of Story book Hindi, English, Marathi, Bengali, Telegu Teachers, Therapists Short stories to help the teachers and parents in developing language of the hearing Impaired child Vol.1-11=20
Verbs Cards Teaching aids For all languages Teachers, Therapists Commonly used verbs illustrated 100
Indian Sign Language Book Booklet English Special Teachers, Interpreters, Students Indian Sign Language 100
Rubella Leaflet English Professionals, Parents Rubella its causes and prevention Free
Services Leaflet English Professionals, Parents, Students, Persons with Hg. Impairment Services provided by the institute Free
Training Programmes Leaflet English Professionals, Parents Training programmes Free
Schemes Leaflet English Professionals, Parents, Persons with Disabilities Various Schemes Free
Sevaye Leaflet Hindi Professionals, Parents, Persons with Disabilities Various Schemes Free
Yojana Leaflet Hindi Professionals, Parents, Persons with Disabilities Free
Disability Line(DiL) Leaflet English Professionals, Parents, Persons with Disabilities Information about disability Free
Technical Dictionary Book English, Hindi Professionals Frequently used words 30
Ototoxicity Leaflet English Professionals Free
Articulation Test Book Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi Teachers, Doctors, Professionals, Students Evaluation test 200
Poster five Posters Assammese, Mizo, Bengali, Nagamese, Manipuri, Khasi Parents and Persons with Disabilities Awareness posters 30
Booklet set Booklet Assamese, Mizo,Bengali, Nagamese, Manipuri, Khasi Professionals, Parents and Students Booklets on early identification, causes and prevention of hearing impairment 50
Linguistic Profile Test Book (Album Form) Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati Professionals, Spl. Teachers, Parents. Linguistic Profile Test 300
Pre-School Curriculum Booklet English Teachers Pre-school curriculum 250
Short Term Training Programmes Booklet English GOs, NGOs, Professionals, Parents, Students, etc. Short Term Training Programmes Free
Viklang ki pehchan Booklet Hindi, English Community, Parents Awareness material 25
Films and TV spots are available on Video cassette. Only cassette price and transfer cost is charged.
180 min. VHS cassette: Rs. 300/- (may vary) + Transfer cost Rs. 75 + Mailing charge
Audio cassette (90 min): Rs. 50/- (may vary) + Rs.15/- for transfer cost + mailing charge.
** All above listed Video Films and TV spots are priced at Rs.300/-
Relevant materials are provided free of cost to selected Patients, Doctors, Institutions, Govt. Officials and NGOs

For procuring the materials request can be send through E-mail/post along with the names of the material. Materials can be procured from AYJNIHH, Mumbai or from Regional Centres


Last Updated on Thursday, 02 February 2012 12:49

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