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Tuesday, 11 October 2011 11:30


Disabled persons constitute about 2 per cent of the total population in our country. In order to evolve a successful programme for social integration of the disabled, information relating to their magnitude, type of disability, age at onset of disability, possible cause of disability, etc. is very essential. National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) in its endeavour to provide information on the magnitude and other characteristics of the disabled persons conducted the third survey of disabled persons in the country during July 2002 to December 2002. The previous two surveys were conducted during the NSS 36th round (July-December, 1981) and the NSS 47th round (July-December, 1991). The other subjects covered during this were housing condition, village facilities, particulars of slum and consumer expenditure, employment and unemployment.

The present report contains for the first time, information on mentally disabled persons together with the information on persons with physical disabilities. Information on mental disability is presented for those with mental retardation and mental illness. Among the physical disabilities covered during the survey and the results presented in the report are the visual, hearing, speech and locomotor disabilities. The report gives the prevalence and incidence of different forms of disability and the distribution of disabled by cause of disability, marital status, educational level, living arrangement, activity status etc. All the technical work relating to this survey including, among others, development of sampling design, survey methodology and preparation of the report was undertaken by the Survey Design and Research Division of the NSSO. The field work for the survey was handled by the Field Operations Division. The collected data were processed by the Data Processing Division. The overall co-ordination between different agencies was done by the Coordination and Publication Division. I am grateful to the Chairman and members of the Governing Council of NSSO, as well as to the Chairman and members of the Working Group for their overall guidance starting from the preparatory stage to the completion of the survey. My thanks are also due to the officers of different divisions of NSSO for their contributions at various stages. The report, I hope, will be useful to the planners and policy makers.

Comments and suggestions for improvement will be most welcome.

New Delhi
December, 2003
Dr. S. Ray
Director General and Chief Executive Officer
National Sample Survey Office

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