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Swami Vivekanand National Institute of Rehabilitation Training and Research (SVNIRTAR) is an Autonomous Body under Department of Disability affairs, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India. It is located in a beautiful rural area at Olatpur at a distance of 30 Kms. from Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

Developmental Dislocation of HIP Dr. S. P. Das
Club Foot Dr. Jagannath Sahoo

Common Pediatric Conditions

Monalisa Pattnaik, Anurupa Senapati and Vinay Kumar
Nerves Injuries G. Shankar Ganesh
Myopathy Sujata Maharathi

Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injury

G. Shankar Ganesh
Stroke B. K. Nanda and A. K. Mandal
Traumatic Brain Injury B. K. Nanda and S. K. Haldar
Spinal Cord Injury Dr. P. K. Sahoo & C. R. Mishra
Rehabilitation in Surgical Cases Mamata Manjari Sahu
OT Helping Hand Pragyan Singh
Back to work with OT Sanjib Kumar Sethi
Arthroscopy in sports medicine Dr. P. K. Sahoo
Soft Tissue Injury Mamata Manjari Sahu
PT Management of tibio-femoral degenerative joint disease Dr. P. P. Mohanty
Impingement Syndrome Dr. P. P. Mohanty
Adhesive Capsulitis Dr. P. P. Mohanty
Neck Pain Dr. P. P. Mohanty
PT_management_of_LBA Dr. P. P. Mohanty
Torticolis Dr. P. K. Sahoo
Scoliosis Dr. P. K. Sahoo
Radial Club Hand Dr. S. Pradhan
Medlung Deformity Dr. D. K. Singh
Genuvalgum Dr. P. K. Sahoo
Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congentia Dr. S. P. Das
Amputation Dr. N. K. Behera

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